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The objective of Naming is the creation of a brand name, object or service. Naming is a very important part of a branding project or brand development.

When looking for a name or doing a naming development, we must try to make sure that the name we are looking for is original, exclusive, unique and different from the competitors. We should also try to keep it short, as it will be easier to memorize.

We will have to analyze and decide the type of language in which we will write our name, words from several languages can be combined to create unique words.

Working on brand identity for company

In a naming project, as in other types of corporate image work, we must take into account the type of public to which the product or service represented by our name will be directed and whether it is masculine, feminine, city, town, ect. In addition, the name we are looking for must be in accordance with the strategic plan projected for the product and its implementation plan.

It is highly recommended to register the result of a naming process or the name of our company or product in the patent and trademark registry of the country of origin.