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We help define the meaning of your brand, its exclusivity, and in essence, what makes it unique in the market.

Successful brands often have a strong visual identity and a brand design system that makes them recognizable without the name or logo being visible.

Iconography, symbolism, typefaces and style contribute to create an instantly identifiable and recognizable product personality.

When creating the corporate branding of a company, our main objective is to establish the basic parameters of action in terms of communication and brand representation.

We take care of the design of all contact elements, ensuring that our clients' audiences find the same look and feel wherever they converge with the brand.

Business Team Discussing Strategy In Board Room
Business people planning strategy

This service includes the definition and design of:

  • Logos
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Corporate Identity Manual 
  • Digital Signature 
  • Merchandising
  • Company Presentations
  • Brochures or Flyers 
  • Catalogs 


Types of logos in corporate communication:

  • Logotype: graphic representation of the brand consisting only of typography or text. Example: Google
  • Imagotipo: visual representation of the brand in which iconography (image) and typography (text) are combined, and both elements are separated from each other. Example: Audi
  • Isotype: representation of the brand only through an image. There is no text and therefore it cannot be read. Example: Apple
  • Isologo: visual representation of the brand that unites image and typography in one, so that it is indivisible. Example: BMW

Researching the big successful brands and studying the corporate identity of the competition will, in many cases, guide the strategy to be followed to define the brand image of a company and/or professional.

Above all, the most important thing is to know the personality and spirit of the company and to know what message you want to convey to the target audience.