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Yes, both identity and corporate image have a lot to do with the success of your company.

The corporate identity of a brand or product refers to its visual aspects: it is its physical manifestation. Thus, this identity includes the choice of specific colors, logos, a specific typography, etc.

Corporate image, however, refers to how users perceive a company; it is a generally accepted image of what the company stands for.

We can focus on specific projects, or develop comprehensive branding programs from scratch.

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Woman explaining business strategy to coworkers


  • Brand and positioning audit: We identify how your brand is perceived and help you successfully position it in the minds of your target audience.
  • Naming: We help you identify, develop and implement a name that successfully articulates your corporate strategy.
  • Brand architecture: We help you create the right structure to competitively manage your brand portfolio.
  • Rebranding: We help you update or reinvent your brand so that it retains its place in people's minds, or moves to a more relevant one, when appropriate.
  • Place Branding: We help you compete with other places to attract tourism, investments, new businesses, talent... through the creation of a prosperity-generating place brand.
  • Digital Branding: We help you develop your brand presence in the digital environment with consistency and coherence, taking advantage of the possibilities of interaction between different platforms and generating better brand experiences for your customers.
  • Social Media Branding: We help you identify, select and integrate the most valuable social networks for your company, in your marketing and communication strategy.