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Internet advertising is characterized as a type of advertising that uses the Internet as a means of communication, whether it is a website or blog, e-mail, social networks or any other platform or virtual system.

The main advantages of this type of advertising can be summarized in the following points.

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It allows us to make our brand, company or product known to practically everyone, at any time and any day of the year. It does not matter where the users are located, since it is only necessary to have an access point to the network.

Low cost. Compared to traditional advertising, online advertising is much cheaper.

Easy to create. Internet ads are simple to design and implement.

Allows exhaustive measurement of results. Internet advertising campaigns allow a very detailed and real-time analysis of the results, and the exact return on investment (ROI) of each ad can be calculated in a very objective and reliable way.

Great flexibility. It is possible to change the type of ad or the medium easily in a very short time.


We manage your advertising campaigns in Adwords and Bing so you can get customers through search engines. We optimize the investment to get the best return on investment.

SHOPPING If what you are looking for is the online sale of your products, in Publicity Preston we position them through Google Shopping campaigns, achieving a qualified visibility at a very controlled cost.

RTB DISPLAY We help you to advertise your brand on the main websites and online media with creativities adjusted to each objective to attract the attention of your target users.

VIDEO CAMPAIGNS Impact your potential customers and reinforce the vision of your brand through YouTube campaigns and native video advertising in the media. Bet on a more attractive branding strategy.

MAIL MARKETING We create and manage the sending of your mailing campaigns to achieve the most effective communication. We collect, process, analyze and interpret the data from your mailing platform.

AFFILIATION CAMPAIGNS We manage campaigns in affiliation platforms and qualified lead generation, all of them oriented and optimized for the final conversion.

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