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Business strategy

Brand DNA and its successful construction


Part of the analysis and understanding of the business model and value proposition of our clients where studying the DNA of their brand is key to success in building a strong branding to achieve the positioning and capitalization of the brand.

In our design studio, through the following services that we list below, we contribute to create and disseminate in the most attractive way possible the corporate image of your organization or your personal brand as a fundamental part of the corporate identity of the same:

  • Logo design
  • Restyling or updating of an existing logo (Rebranding)
  • Design of corporate stationery
  • Branding
  • Corporate email and newsletter design and delivery system
  • Dissemination of corporate information in CD format
  • Naming and verbal identity
  • Corporate identity manua
  • Corporate architecture design

Our Experience

We have experience building and promoting brands and companies, helping to position and capitalize on branding, branding, marketing and design projects. We focus on all the areas involved in the design of the commercial strategy, based on our brand building methodology.

In many branding projects we start when the brand is just an abstract and volatile idea in the minds of our clients, in the naming phase or creation of the verbal identity, name or denomination of the brand, we identify and conceptualize the attributes of value that the brand must transmit. Later we associate a symbology, colors, graphics and other elements that make up its visual image so that it can be recognized and differentiated from other brands. At this point we begin to provide the brands with value and meaning and little by little we build the essence of the brand.

Integrating experts in; design, communication, marketing, brandketing, are vital to achieve and fulfill the objectives of Branding. Supporting us with information that contributes to decision making, such as market research, brand experience analysis, generating value to the brand design and solution to the paradigm in each project, considering all the key factors that lead to loyalty (Brand engagement), communicating the attributes and benefits of the product in a specific way, capitalizing and enhancing the brand.

Business People Building Successful Development Strategy